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“I love the Full Bloom concentrate! Even from first use my skin looked plumped up and super dewy! I like to use it in the morning as it is really pretty under makeup. It’s also great before night cream and when I use it at bed time I wake up really rested-looking"


“Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate is my favourite, not only is it the perfect base under make-up - giving a hydrated and smooth finish, but it has reduced the rosacea on my cheeks and healed my dry irritated skin around my eyes! It sinks in so quickly and beautifully. It really is the best thing I’ve found for my skin.”

Kat G

"I'm obsessed with Kelsey Concentrates. Each Concentrate has scientifically proven potent actives that have a wonderful skin enhancing, nurturing and protective effect on the skin. I find the Concentrates give skin an instant boost upon application, and impressively improve the appearance, tone and clarity when used long term. The fine textures absorb rapidly and the beautiful packaging and gentle scent also make it a luxurious treat to use. I have been using it on my clients ahead of red carpet events, as well as part of my personal regime, and I can't recommend it enough."

Nathalie Eleni

"I love the smell of Full Bloom and the feel on my skin is amazing. It immediately feels softer and plumper and stays soft all day long. The texture of my skin looks better after just a few days of using it."


Anne D

"I use Morn to Eve in the morning, Full Bloom in the afternoon before I put my "work makeup" on as I work a late shift and the Three Moons before bed. When I first received them and was reading up about them, I must admit I was most excited about the Full Bloom as I liked the idea of it plumping my skin up. They are all lovely and feel nice on the skin. After trying them for a few weeks I absolutely love the Morn to Eve, that is my firm favourite of all three. It seems to wake my skin up in the morning and give it a sort of glow, I will certainly be buying this one for sure."

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