Our Commitments

KELSEY is rooted in a love of the land and a respect for mother nature and all she represents. We have farmed for generations and seen the benefits that naturally derived products can deliver.

Responsible, ethical, conscious, upcycled skincare

UK on-farm food waste is estimated to be circa 3 million tonnes per year. (WWF & Tesco 2022)

From farm to face, we upcycle our raspberry fruit and plants into exceptionally powerful active ingredients.

Being ‘sustainable’ or ‘ecologically responsible’ is not a catch phrase to us. It’s key to everything we do and central to our beliefs as people who have worked the land for generations.

Our mission is to find beauty in the unwanted.


KELSEY Farm itself is run in a sustainable manner and we take pride in planting trees, hedges, pollen and nectar rich flower mixes and winter bird food mixes. These plantings help provide extra habitat for wildlife and enhance the wider environment.

Providing these undisturbed areas also creates breeding sites for the wild beneficial insects that help control pests such as aphids. This natural population boosts the numbers of beneficial insects we introduce onto the farm and means we no longer use pesticides in our crops.

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The integrity of our formulations is important to us, choosing to use vegan friendly, biodegradable ingredients alongside our own upcycled raspberry extracts. Adhering to a 'no nasties' mantra and opting for natural preservatives and plant based actives, avoiding synthetic fragrances, colouring and paraffin based ingredients.

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Food Waste & Upcycling

A common cause of fruit wastage is poor visual appearance, with consumers deeming a product undesirable if imperfect.

We want to be part of the solution.

From this problem KELSEY was born, any fruit which is not good enough to retail is sent away to be processed into puree so there is no waste. We also harvest and upcycle the leaves and seeds to harness the full power of the raspberry plant and reduce our waste to a minimum.

We continue to look for new ways to upcycle all aspects of the raspberry plant and to continue our circulatory journey.

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Localism & Packaging

We make careful considered decisions, always asking how we can do it better. We source locally, where we can, to avoid shipping ingredients around the globe, and we work with a leading UK beauty manufacturer and sustainable packaging company to keep production as close to home as possible.

Formulations: We use biodegradable ingredients and upcycled raspberry extracts and seeds. We never use cosmetic silicones, parabens, phthalates, PEGS, or mineral oils.

Fragrances: Completely natural with no synthetics.

Bottle/jar: Is fully recyclable.

Pipette: We use recyclable polypropylene (PP).

Pipette bulb: We use recyclable nitrile bulbs which is less polluting than more commonly used PVC.

Carton: 100% recyclable, FSC Certified, carbon neutral and UK sourced.

Tube: Fully recyclable and contains recycled plastic.

Envelopes: Made from glassine paper which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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Small is beautiful and less is more

We strongly believe in delivering a small range of products that really work. We don’t make anything unless it has a place, a reason for being. Our products are focused on results and multifunctionality and nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing the reviews of our customers. We really believe the raspberry is probably the world's best kept skincare secret. See for yourself.

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