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Bringing together generations of farming knowledge and craft with experts in skincare research and development to originate proprietary skincare technology for our unique range of products.

EZ Rubus ID ®

“EZ Rubus ID® is the culmination of over a decade of scientific innovation and exploration of the germination processes of the raspberry plant.

We have developed a unique, proprietary enzyme-based biocatalytic process that mimics the natural process of germination. This bioactive process transforms the seed oil to optimise delivery and enhance the efficacy of the ingredient. Rich in bioavailable fatty acids, the activated oil feels both light and yet surprisingly silky when applied to the skin, penetrating deeper and boosting delivery of the skin restorative nutrition, this is hard to achieve with standard oils that struggle to penetrate through the skin’s natural protective barrier.”

– Dario Zanichelli, BSc, MSc and PhD
Research & Development, Phenbiox

The raspberry is a powerhouse of nourishment for the skin and we utilise elements of the plant, from fruit pulp to leaf to seed. We are also looking to further develop our use of the whole plant from root to tip. Packed with a nutritionally dense complex of essential vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that help fortify the skin’s defences against environmental and lifestyle aggressors, supporting natural collagen synthesis, smoothing the skin and locking in hydration.

It is in the smallest part of the raspberry plant, the seed, that the turnkey power is stored. The oil in a single seed, contains all the energy necessary to create an entirely new plant. It is this extraordinarily powerful oil that inspired our formulations.

The raspberry seed contains the highest amount of omega 6 of all plant seeds. Rebalancing the natural oils of the skin and reducing trans-epidural water loss. Light, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic, raspberry seed oil helps bolster the skin’s lipid barrier, promoting a healthy, naturally balanced microbiome.

Unique to KELSEY

Our activated raspberry seed oil, EZ Rubus ID® is a unique innovation in skincare.

Created in partnership with leading scientists, we have developed a technique to overcome some of the metabolic limitations of the skin’s outer protective barrier to optimise topical application of ingredients.

Our proprietary technology mimics the natural enzymatic function of the raspberry plant, reducing the oil's molecular size to enable the transportation of vital nourishment to the skin, activating the oil to elevate bioavailability and boost absorption to intensify results. Skin is smoother, more supple and hydrated as a result.

It replicates the natural activation process by splitting the triglycerides into their individual molecules – fatty acids and glycerides -  that can actually penetrate into the cell membranes, where triglycerides in their whole form are not able to.

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The seeds are rich in omega essential fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins A and E. These stimulate collagen production, fight oxidation and damage, promote cell regeneration and boost vibrancy.

The leaves are rich in protective polyphenols to fortify the skin to shield against free radicals.

The fruit pulp is rich in vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, helping to boost cell turnover, revealing bright and luminous skin.

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