Our Story

KELSEY; born into a love of the environment, mother nature's gifts and working with what natures produces to create incredible products.

Our Founder

The KELSEY Farm lies in the very heart of Kent, the Garden of England. I am the fourth generation of family farmers at Kelsey, my son will be the fifth. Each generation has chosen to listen to their heart, to listen to the land and to develop the Kelsey family farm by enhancing nature with crops of their choice. I chose berries. Raspberries particularly are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Through cutting-edge scientific research, we have discovered and developed the benefits of our raspberries for the outside – our skin. Working with hand-picked experts, we have formulated an exclusive ‘raspberry first’ skincare range.

– Paul Kelsey, Founder

Conscious Beauty

A connection to the land. An understanding of the living environment. A desire to use everything we grow and harvest and not waste a thing. Responsible, ethical, conscious, upcycled skincare.

Maximum glow, minimum impact.

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"KELSEY is rooted in a love of the land and a respect for mother nature and all she represents. We have farmed for generations and seen the benefits that naturally derived products can deliver time and time again."

Paul Kelsey - Founder

EZ Rubus ID ®

The benefits of raspberry seed oil are well known. The culmination of over a decade of scientific exploration led us to the creation of our enzymatically activated, upcycled raspberry seed oil, EZ Rubus ID®.

This unique innovation increases skin elasticity by up to 46% and smoothness by up to 34%.

Our Science