Give the Gift of Glow this Christmas

5 Minute Read

Trying to find the perfect present can be one of the most stressful elements of the gift-giving season. When you’ve ticked off all of the old faithfuls in previous years (socks, chocolates, ‘amusing’ meme books and the inevitable new year diary, you may find you rose scratching your head and wondering “what now?”

This year, why not give someone the one thing we all really really want to ensure they’ll be the envy of all their friends – gorgeous glossy skin to outdazzle the Christmas lights.

Traditionally, skincare has been perceived as a hard thing to gift. Loyalties lay with the big brands with an ever bigger advertising budget, and who knew whether cousin Sarah was a cleansing foam or cold cream girl?

Skincare has moved on in great leaps and bounds and the outdated approach of buying by age and routine is no more. We are all becoming skincare adventurers, happy to dabble in a little of this brand and a little of that, weaving innovative new formats (powder cleanser? liquid essence? Yes please) into our existing beauty regimes. No longer do we simply wash and go. (And if you do, don’t. You’ll thank us one day). 

We’re shopping based on what we want to achieve, rather than how we see our skin currently, opening up the skincare category to gifting like never before.

A great example is cleansers – a perfect stocking-filler price point and universally used. Rather than buy a functional cleanser designed for a particular skin type however, look for a great multi-tasker that suits all ages and skin types and really delivers on radiance whilst also doubling up as a mask or hydration product too, taking a skincare basic into luxury self-care. Our KELSEY Luminous Glow – Radiant Cleansing Gel perfectly ticks the box - it not only takes off a party-face seamlessly yet gently with coconut derived gentle cleansers and fatty acid rich oils, it also doubles as a rapid brightening mask for a perfect pre-party glow thanks to our upcycled raspberry fruit infusion and gentle fruit acids to balance and brighten.

Our KELSEY concentrates are firm favourites precisely because they fit seamlessly into any existing regime. Used after cleansing and before moisturiser (whatever your preference) they are the perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you by encouraging a little self-care and pampering. 

Each concentrate can be mindfully massaged into facial skin, allowing for a moment of repose and reflection during silly season. 

Know an outdoors fanatic who’ll go out in any kind of weather? Give the gift of protection, with our Morn to Eve Concentrate.  Lightly hydrating, pollution filtering, skin-shielding, it is brim full of actives to fight your skin’s corner.

Friend who parties too much and sleeps too little? Three Moons can help her dial back up the radiance via gentle fruit acids, raspberry infusion and vitamin C.

And for anyone who has ever needed a perking-up, our silky soothing oil-based Full Bloom Concentrate is a plumping, hydrating warrior, packed with activated raspberry seed oil and full-spectrum omega 3 oils making it the ultimate nourishing hero that can be used alone for an indulgent facial massage or even mixed with a make-up base for the ultimate glossy finish.

We can’t stop the relatives ‘popping in’ unannounced, persuade your boss that a trip to the Caribbean is a perfect and justified bonus, or fight the Christmas shopping crowds but a little pre-planning means you can surprise and delight, setting your own heart just a teeny bit a-glow this holiday season.

Happy shopping!