Autumn Transitional Skincare

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Autumn. The season that can fill you with the romanticised mood of crunching leaves, chunky knits and the comfort of delicious food and drink can also leave you battling an unsettled complexion, with skin feeling conflicted and unbalanced as it struggles to cope with the challenges of seasonal transition. 

While we cling on to the last moments of sunshine, the fading evening light, the shadows lengthening, a chilly dew on the grass in the morning, we face a moment of reflection on what was a long hot summer and what that has meant for our skin health. 

Like your wardrobe, a trans-seasonal switch up to refocus your skin health management with targeted solutions ensures that you navigate the fluctuations of the day to day, season to season, year to year, with minimal disruption and skin stress. 

Seasonal Challenges:

Signs of Summer; We had a glorious heatwave, we basked in the warm glow of sunshine that stayed far longer than we have been used to; but as we see the reflection of a fading glow, skin tone appearing uneven and the signs of hyperpigmentation, it is clear that skin is showing the lacklustre aftermath from UV over-exposure. 

Dehydration; From the ever more noticeable chill in the air, a slightly more biting wind and the reluctant firing up of the central heating, our skin can enter a state of unrest, becoming reactive to the fluctuations of temperature, putting pressure on the regulation of our barrier function and zapping skin of vital hydration. This can lead to skin feeling tight, fragile, uneven and prone to reactive flare-ups.

Dietary and lifestyle changes; Autumn brings the return of term time, shorter days and adjusting our diets to more comforting, warming foods, we stay in more and some of us are less active. This shift in structure, diet, hydration and physical activity can affect our sleep patterns. Sleep helps our bodies rejuvenate – stimulating collagen, suppressing cortisol the stress hormone. Without sufficient rest our bodies cannot restore vital resistance to biological, environmental and physical stress that triggers damage to skin health. As a result, our skin care experience a loss of the structural proteins and essential hydration, that keep skin plump, smooth and even resulting in formation of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Seasonal Solutions:

Refine; During the warmer months, when humidity rises, skin produces more sebum. During the transition of seasons, the skin needs to re-balance to the new conditions and climate this may leave your complexion feeling dry, uneven, perhaps even patchy and flaky. Gently exfoliating the surface layers of the skin with a botanical AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) helps lift away dead skin cells, surface impurities and decongest the pores to minimise the opportunity for break outs, leaving skin smooth, bright and primed for hydration. 

Our revitalising Three Moons Brightening Concentrate is the perfect way to promote an even skin tone, fight hyperpigmentation and boost the natural radiance of the skin. 

Packed with a stabilised form of Vitamin C along with Raspberry leaf extract and Raspberry fruit infusion, natural extracts upcycled from our harvesting methods which produce a naturally occurring AHA to help reveal fresh, smooth skin. 

Restore; It is common for the skin barrier function to be impaired as we transition from season to season. The chilled air contrasting with warm indoor temperatures can destabilise the natural balance of the skin barrier function, creating an increase in TEWL (trans epidermal water loss). Lost natural moisture can cause skin to become dehydrated, feeling taut and fragile while allowing skin stressing free radicals to penetrate the skin and cause damage.

Prevention is better than cure, so all our concentrates have focus ingredients to help support barrier function to lock in essential moisture, promote efficient cellular renewal and protect from lifestyle and environmental stress. 

Our fortifying Morn to Eve Global Protection Concentrate contains a protective, hydrating complex to help reinforce the natural barrier function of the skin, restore balance and neutralise the damaging effects of UV, blue light and lifestyle free radicals.

Revitalise; Overexposed skin that is feeling fragile, perhaps a little less plump and supple needs nourishment to lift, fortify and restore elasticity from within. Collagen is degraded by UV so support efficient revitalisation of our restorative Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate is a complex of botanical actives to help stimulate collagen synthesis which supports a more resilient skin structure, giving a more smooth, lifted complexion. Our proprietary EZ Rubus ID® helps deliver optimal hydration through elevating the delivery of a full spectrum of omega oils. Skin is bouncy, sculpted and revitalised. 

Pssssst…insider secrets

A little extra excitement and support for your complexion as the seasons change. Kelsey is growing. We will bring comfort to your hard working complexion with a Midnight Reset…a blanket of calm, restorative skin plumping goodness to end your day, and Luminous Glow, to deeply cleanse and clarify, leaving the perfect canvas for our iconic concentrates. 

The magic of Kelsey is in the effortless way a few additions to your daily routine transform the radiance of your complexion. Perhaps it is time to make room for a few more.

The Kelsey Difference

Often, seasonal skincare advice will suggest switching to more rich, cocooning textures in the cooler months and lighter in the warmer seasons. However, taking full advantage of modern innovations in the delivery of ingredients our proprietary technology EZ Rubus ID® an enzymatically activated raspberry seed oil, means that the intensity of ingredients can be transported more efficiently and without degradation deeper into the skin without being heavy in application.

We refer to our serums as concentrates because they are powerful, potent and targeted solutions. The light, soothing, luxurious and easily absorbed texture means they are the perfect addition to your skincare at a time when your skin is craving extra hydration and nourishment, without disrupting what your complexion is already happy with, just augment and optimise. 

Choose smart, enduring solutions whatever the weather.