What's your Perfect Pair

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 Whatever your view on Valentine's Day, the perfection of some pairings can’t be denied. It’s true that some things are simply better together. Ant without Dec just isn’t a possibility and melted cheese without toast? No thank you, not now, not ever. And just imagine the mess. So here at KELSEY we’ve put together some of our perfect pairings just for you.



Our Cleanse & Protect Duo (£89.25) is the ideal way to kick off your day. Start with Luminous Glow, our fruity-acid rich golden gel cleanser designed to boost cellular turnover and leave skin silky-soft and beaming, before shielding skin all day long with Morn to Eve, our protective concentrate packed with raspberry leaf and a micro-algae blend to defend against damage from UV, blue light, pollution and stress-signals, leaving skin soft, supple and sighing with relief.

Or if you think you need an extra radiance boost try Luminous Glow followed by our Three Moons Brightening Concentrate. Both designed to enhance your glow and give your skin a healthy, glossy gorgeousness. They work even better when combined as the cleanser lifts away surface cells and boosts turnover, allowing the brightening serum to better penetrate the skin, enhancing its effectiveness. With these two dazzling their way onto your skin, you’d better buy some sunglasses!

How about topping and tailing your day with Morn to Eve and Full Bloom. Whilst Morn to Eve is the perfect morning companion, shielding the skin from free radicals all day, working as a virtual shield to save skin from external damage. Full Bloom rewards all of the hard work by nourishing, plumping and deeply hydrating the skin after a busy day.

And if you’re looking for something to give your skin a bedtime treat we’ve got you. There’s a choice of two beautiful bedtime rituals for you.

For busy days and late nights, Glow to Bed (£68) a quick cleanse and reset bundle for dreamy morning skin in the blink of an eye. Deeply cleanse skin and boost cellular turnover with our golden gel-to-oil Luminous Glow, packed with brightening fruit acids, glow-giving vitamin C and coconut-cleansers before optimising overnight renewal with Midnight Reset, our meltingly silky Overnight Sleeping Balm. Packed with probiotics, fatty-acid rich repairing omega oils and an innovative lavender extract to boost skin’s internal circadian rhythms, it packs a powerful overnight punch and you’ll wake up to a great skin day!

Or turn up the radiance overnight with our maximum glow illuminating bundle, Bright Night (£106.25). Your morning glow will rival any sunrise. Three Moons Brightening Concentrate combines dullness and dark spot fighting fruit acids with an innovative plankton extract to even skin tone and leave skin bright and beaming. Matched with Midnight Reset designed to repair, revitalise and renew overnight, cleverly optimising circadian rhythms.

And did you know that our bestselling Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate is a bit of a flirt? Add a drop to Midnight Reset or your favourite moisturiser for an extra little bit of glowy luxury or add to your foundation for deliciously dewy skin. You can even supercharge the other KELSEY concentrates by adding in a little Full Bloom too.


And finally here’s something you may not know - The lesser known 17th Feb is actually Random Act of Kindness Day. Fill your cup first with little treats and moments of self-care. Let February be a celebration of all the marvellous things you see in the mirror. Surprise and delight yourself as well as others!