Benefits of the Raspberry Plant for Skin Health

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Here at KELSEY, we designed our skincare range with a thorough understanding of the skincare benefits of the different parts of the raspberry plant. 

Working with a team of leading scientists, we developed a unique enzyme-based biocatalytic process that can transform and supercharge the health of the skin like no other. We have called this activated seed oil EZ Rubus ID®. 

The raspberry seed was the ingredient that inspired the KELSEY concentrates. With a focus on upcycling the waste from the harvest process. Every step of our product development process has focused on how we can use the benefits of every part of the powerful raspberry plant to create extraordinary skincare using the seed, the leaves and the fruit. 

The Seed - Hydration

Raspberry Seeds from KELSEY Raspberry Farms


It's the raspberry seeds that hold truly transformational results. The oil in a single raspberry plant seed contains all the energy necessary to create a new plant, imagine the benefits this oil has when used in skincare? Hydrated, glowing and plump skin.

Experience the hydrating qualities of the raspberry seed in MORN TO EVE and FULL BLOOM

The Leaves - Protection

KELSEY Raspberry Farms Raspberry Leaves

Raspberry leaves are rich in protective polyphenols to fortify the skin
and shield against free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for breaking down our skin’s collagen, which results in visible signs of ageing and fine lines. Using products that improve and protect your skin creates long-lasting and deeper than surface-level results. 

Protect your skin with MORN TO EVE and THREE MOONS.

The Fruit - Cell Turnover 

KELSEY Raspberry Farms Raspberry Fruit

Cell turnover happens when our skin sheds its dead skin cells and replaces them with younger cells.
The raspberry fruit pulp is rich in vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids, helping to boost your cell turnover resulting in smooth, bright and radiant skin

The power of the raspberry plant is exactly why KELSEY's incredible and supercharged skincare is perfect to add to your regime. Have a skincare complaint that you would like to combat?
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