Christmas Survival 101

4 Minute Read 

No matter how great our intentions (“this year I’ll have the shopping done by the end of November…..”) most of us helter-shelter into the Christmas season at breakneck speed wondering how on earth the year slipped by without us noticing. Even the best-laid plans can end in frantic selection-box buying on Christmas Eve and hiding under duvets shouting “no more baileys. I. Can’t. Take. It” before December is out.

In the face of the inevitable chaos, late nights, cortisol spikes and a diet of party finger-food, how can you come out with your skin (and sanity) intact? 

There are of course some must-haves. Take ten minutes every day with no screens, no to-do list, and just be – don’t do. Increase your intake of free-radical fighting vitamins A, C and E, increase your fruit and vegetable intake, and never sacrifice sleep. Pimp your water with added electrolytes. Balance the wellbeing books and your body and skin will thank you. 

So what else can you do to ensure your ‘Get up and Glow’ doesn’t get up and go?

Firstly, and we can’t stress this enough, NEVER, EVER (don’t say we didn’t warn you, in the words of Taylor Swift) go to bed without taking off your make-up, or even just the surface dirt that has accumulated. Sleeping with less than squeaky clean skin, or applying make-up on top it it, allows oil and bacteria to build up which leads to breakouts.

Our Luminous Glow cleanser is a genius transforming two-in-one formula that changes from a rich golden gel to a hydrating milk when water is added. The fatty-acids boost hydration levels and promote suppleness whilst fruit acids gently encourage cells to turnover, revealing the luminous glowing skin trying to breakthrough underneath. 

No matter what you do afterwards, never skip this 30 second step. No matter how tempting. 

(We’ll also let you into a secret – using our cleanser as a 10 minute mask pre-party will leave your skin with such a glow your guests may need sunglasses…)

Our hottest tip for December though has to be this – always wear protection. If you wouldn’t cycle without a helmet, or paddle without wellies, don’t put your skin through the seasonal onslaught unless it's fully equipped.

Our Morn to Eve concentrate is THE go-to to keep your skin happy, balanced, protected and nourished as you navigate your calendar. Containing a freshwater algae and Abysisinica oil derived blend of carotenoids along with our polyphenol rich raspberry leaf extract and glow-giving fruit puree, it acts as a ‘virtual shield’ for the skin when applied, to absorb visible light whilst also activating skin’s own defence against oxidative stress and adding in barrier repair.

Our advice? Don’t go out without it. Your skin deserves a helping hand whilst navigating the late nights, panic-buying, and inevitable influx of relatives. 

And above all, don’t forget your party spirit.