Try a little Face Yoga

6 Minute Read

A long weekend is upon us, and with it comes the flurry of wellness warriors telling us to put aside a day for self-care, languorous facials, meditation and forest-bathing. But if your me-time is more of a mini-me time, take heart. The smallest of windows can be enough to leave you feeling refreshed and your skin revived.  At KELSEY we advocate finding time for a little yoga, more specifically face yoga. 

Really, we hear you say? Downward dog my face? Bear with us. In as little as 10 minutes, a quick facial workout can help de-stress, enhance cell oxygenation and boost microcirculation, all of which lead to glowing skin , less puffiness and even enhanced collagen production. 

Try our face yoga expert Danielle’s 10 minute routine here. 

Even better, combining these restorative movements with deep breathing means the sense of touch and gentle activation of the vagus nerve can both contribute to more restful sleep and makes it easier to drift away in the first place. The additional benefit of doing this before bed is that skin is at its most receptive whilst we sleep, as turnover is more rapid and the skin barrier is more permeable, meaning that combining your yoga with a powerful potency packed night cream enables it to sink more deeply into the skin as you sink into blissful slumber. 

Midnight Reset, our new Sleeping Balm, was formulated to maximise this window of skin downtime. Combining fatty-acid rich raspberry seed oil to plump, smooth and boost collagen with a unique detoxifying and line-fighting lavender extract that actually helps reset your cellular circadian rhythm overnight even when you count sheep or toss and turn means that you’ll awaken looking invigorated and your skin glowing, no matter how many hours you manage.

Remember, you don’t need hours of free-time to feel refreshed - instead finding time for those mini moments can be as powerful as a day-long reset! 

We call it ‘beauty snacking’ - you heard it here first!