Get The #KelseyGlow For Christmas

5 Minute Read 

Without even really noticing the year go by, all too soon Halloween and seasonal fireworks are behind us again. 

Christmas looms large on the horizon, with this year throwing up the prospect of more parties, more socialising than we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of years and most of us cant wait to get back out there and dazzle. If you’re anything like us, those new year resolutions about self-care and getting the best skin of your life this year are still sitting, unpacked, like last year’s slippers and the board game nobody played.

So how can you ramp up your glow quickly?

The first step on the road to gorgeous dewy skin is cleansing – make it top of your resolutions, because without a balanced and squeaky clean slate to work with, no skincare can really deliver. We tend to think of cleanser as a basic step that delivers no more than getting the skin clean, but a great cleanser should also balance, hydrate and gently encourage cells to turnover, leading to fresher more radiant skin to work with.

Our Luminous Glow Cleanser, is the perfect first step to radiance. Packed with fruit acids to chase away surface dullness and dead skin cells, it’s also rich in antioxidant raspberry leaf to help repair damage from pollution and daily stress whilst shielding the skin barrier from disruption with blackcurrant seed oil and brightening carrot seed. The icing on the cake is a generous level of EZ Rubus ID® , our activated raspberry seed oil that improves bioavailability of both the finished product and our active ingredients whilst plumping and stimulating collagen production. You can even use this as an express glow mask – leave on for 10 minutes and wait for the compliments to pour in.

Adding in a serum, oil or concentrate before moisturising is the real key to glowing skin – this type of product is usually packed with a concentrated hit of actives that really deliver and as an add-on to your core routine, you can feel free to change it up, listening to what your skin really needs at the time. Feeling dry and papery? Look for a hydrating oil or hyaluronic acid product. Feeling drab and grey? Go for glow with acids and vitamin C.

Three Moons Brightening Concentrate is the glow-seekers dream. Lightweight , rapidly absorbed and perfect for layering over cleansers and essences but underneath hydrating products, its packed with our proprietary raspberry fruit infusion, high in AHAs to boost radiance without irritation. It also contains a stable vitamin-C complex and liposomal Microalgae to reduce uneven skin tones and right age spots. We love it so much we mix a few drops into our night cream whenever we’re feeling less than sparkling.

Often overlooked is hydration – dry and parched skin is the biggest barrier to radiance. To get the reflective glass glow we’re all craving, never forget to nourish. In the winter months, central heating and harsher weather means skin needs extra TLC sometimes and this is where oils really come into their own. Look for products rich in omega fatty acids to plump and bolster the skin barrier. We may be biased, but we’ve yet to find a product to rival our skin superhero, Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate. Use at night, patting into skin to boost its absorption, or mix a couple of drops into your make-up base for a lit-from-within gleam. It’s packed with our unique activated raspberry seed oil which is highly bioavailable to the skin, alongside chia, pomegranate and lupin seed oils for a full spectrum omega boost.

It’s easy to think we need to jump straight to make-up products such as highlighters and glosses when we want to boost our radiance, but skincare really is the best place to start –with the right products in place you’ll find the sought-after Kelsey Glow is easy to achieve!