Get up close and personalise your skincare routine

KELSEY products were developed as hyper-versatile skincare hybrids - you can use them in a flexible way to create your own personalised routine based on your top skin concerns.

Let’s start with how to cleanse for optimal skin comfort : 

1. Does your skin feel tight and uncomfortable?

A) only after using powerful treatments, or 
B) most of the time, especially after cleansing and before moisturising.

If you answered A, use our Luminous Glow Radiant Cleansing Gel on dry skin, applying a rich layer and leaving for 3 minutes before rinsing away, and follow with a second cleanse on damp skin.

If you answered B, use Luminous Glow Radiant Cleansing Gel on dry skin, but follow the quick contact method. Massaging in to remove any surface dirt and make-up before rinsing away – one cleanse is enough for your skin.
You can pack even more of a moisture-rich punch to your cleansing by adding 3 drops of Full Bloom to Luminous Glow and mixing in the hand before applying. 

2. And what about your specific skin concerns?
Which of the below is most true for your skin?

A) “My skin feels dehydrated, it is lacking in volume and tone and I’m seeing more fine lines and wrinkles than I’d like”

Proceed to Full Bloom before your day cream – our gorgeously nourishing fatty acid rich oil concentrate, loaded with activated raspberry seed oil to boost collagen, fight signs of ageing and build resilience.

B) “My get up and glow has got up and gone! My skin feels dull and lacking in radiance, I feel flat and lacking vitality”

Re-light the fire in your skin with Three Moons – an everyday brightening concentrate packed with vitamin C, gentle fruit acids and raspberry fruit puree.

C) “My skin feels sluggish, a little puffy, and downtrodden from daily life, pollution, blue light, and I’m worried that it needs a little extra protection.”

Never go out without protection – depuff, detox and defend skin with Morn to Eve, a virtual shield for the skin to repel pollution, UV light and help fight the signs of skin stress.

And if you’re feeling all 3? Go rogue and mix a few drops of each of the 3 concentrates in your hand and apply morning and night for the full shebang of benefits and finish with your favourite day cream.

3. Finally, is your skin seriously dehydrated, normal, or just a tad on the parched side? Here’s how to work it out:

A) My skin doesn’t ‘ping’ back after pinching the back of my hand, and it feels itchy and irritated, even a little rough (this is, in fact, most of us in winter, when the charming combo of central heating and cold wind makes an appearance…)

B) My skin pings back after a moment or two, but I’m seeing some fine lines and occasional flaking

C) My skin pings back to place when I pinch it and is generally luminous, even toned and perky (try to reign in the joy if this is you, the rest of us are busy slathering on the creams…..)

If you answered A or B, you’ll love our Midnight Reset + Full Bloom nighttime combo.
Our dreamy sleeping balm bestows soft, supple, plump skin as you sleep, rich in activated raspberry seed oil, lavender cellular complex and fermented probiotics to build elasticity as you snooze. Simply drop 2 drops of Full Bloom into here and mix in the hand for your own bespoke night treatment.

Lucky enough to have answered C? A light layer of Midnight Reset is all you need before bed, and Morn to Eve packs enough of a hydration punch for you to use this in place of a day cream during the lighter hours. 

Whatever your skin is telling you, listen – our needs can change like the wind and its vital to adapt as the seasons and our habits change. We’ve got your ideal personalised routine right here at KELSEY. 

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