Gifts to Set their heart A-glow

Giving someone the perfect gift can make not just their day but yours too. Its not surprising the generosity makes us feel so warm inside when you consider that with each gift given we experience a release of feel-good chemicals such a serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin– a benefit of making others happy, otherwise known as the ‘helper’s high’.

Here at Team KELSEY, we know it can sometimes be better to give than to receive. But when you’ve a checklist as long as your arm of recipients and trying to hit the seasonal nail on the head has left you all out of Xmas spirit, inspiration can be hard to find.

So this year, just for you, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our very favourite things. By courtesy of some of our elves at KELSEY HQ, here’s our Top Ten list of the goodies we can’t live without:

    1. Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist is Ops Director Becky’s bedtime go-to for blissful slumber! Simply spritz onto a pillow and combine with some gentle box breathing (in for 4, hold for 4, out for 4 – you get the idea……) and drift into dreams. Ideal for busy parents, stressful days and restless nights.

    2. Ingenius Collagen supplement is an award winning product and tops NPD Director Claires’ supplement list. She says “I take this everyday. It has been clinically developed to bypass the stomach where a lot of collagen brands are destroyed before reaching the parts they need. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my nails and hair since starting to use it and I gift it to my female friends and they’ve all loved it. 

    3. Rosado Pink Stemless glass set, at Oliver Bonas These gorgeous gold rimmed stemless glasses are a steal at £26 for four and finish a party table setting beautifully.

    4. The team here are all big chocolate lovers (who isn’t)? Hotel Chocolate Large Dipping set (£37.50) is all of the good things in our compact box. Seriously, chocolate, biscuits, and things to dip. Big enough to share, small enough to hide from the family……
    5. Head of Creative Mike, when not dashing to meetings on his beloved bike, cant be without his favourite scent – the gorgeous Bon Parfumer 901, £40.00 at Look Fantastic, a fresh yet seductive blend of spicy notes and crisp mandarin that is adored by men and women alike. And never battles the traffic without protecting his skin using KELSEY Global Protection concentrate, £60. 

    6. Too many zoom calls and poor work-at-home work spaces make for stiff backs and creaky knees. Anyone sat for long period of time would benefit from The original Bed of Nails - the perfect anti-dote to achy and much more pleasurable than the name suggests! Simply take a 15 minute break and lie down to soothe those aches and pains as oxygen is transported back through the cells, bringing a burst of energy and pain relief. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system bringing blissful relaxation and stress-relief. Who could say no? 

    7. Paul, the Founder of KELSEY, knows his wine and will be stocking up on some Simpsons wine, especially their Rabbit Hole Pinot Noir, a real cracker he says. 

    8. Know a make-up addict? Our PR guru and Queen of glam Nina knows everything there’s ever been to know about make-up and is the epitome of stylish. Her go-to kit is NUDESTIX Glamizilla Kit (exclusive to Sephora UK, £62.00) comprising a handy blot and blur mattifying stick, a hand all over subtle blush and the obligatory bronzing stick – perfect for pasty winter skin in need of some oomph.

    9. Know a theatre lover? Today Tix is the place to go for last-minute seats or to discover the latest west-end hit. With digital gift cards ranging in value
      from £10 to £500 they are the perfect way to gift an experience.

    10. Want to give the gift of a warm glow? We are crazy for the gorgeous candles from La Montaña and always have one burning on our desk or tucked into a cosy corner. Winter Oranges is the perfect spicy citrus scent to bring a festive touch to any room and is perfect for the candle lover in your life.