Give yourself the gift of dreamy skin this Sleeptember!

“Anything seems possible at night when the rest of the world has gone to sleep”, said David Almond in his book My Name is Mina.

And for your skin, it rings even more true, because nighttime is when our skin’s potential is at its highest.

Sleeptember was created by the Sleep Council to raise awareness of the importance of sleep, and for good reason.  We know more than ever how vital sleep is to every bit of our lives, impacting everything from our choice of food , our mood, and even our lifespan. 

But did you know, your complexion clock is also ticking? 

Your skin believe it or not has its own internal clock and it needs all the sleep it can get to look its best. 

Fun fact – skin is thicker in the daytime (more protection against the elements) but begins to regenerate at night, meaning cells turnover at a faster rate and the barrier becomes more permeable. Which means the nighttime hours are the perfect window for applying products packed with actives to really penetrate into the skin, doing an even better job at tackling skin woes such as dullness, dehydration, sagging and age spots.

So how can you optimise overnight recovery time and wake up with an enviable glow?

We love using our wind-down time to incorporate some facial massage into our skincare routines, benefiting both our minds and bodies by allowing the soothing benefits of touch to boost endorphins and promote the production of sleep night-time hormones whilst also stimulating micro-circulation.  

Kicking off our evening skincare routine with a balm cleanser is a must as the oils within this type of formulation are perfect for dissolving all traces of make-up and actually help to balance the sebum levels within skin rather than stripping it with a foaming cleanser. Luminous Glow has the added punch of some fruit acids and vitamin-C to really enhance that cellular turnover to reveal fresh new skin that is even more receptive to treatments. 

Then, we suggest really ramping up the sleep repair with a concentrated formula – oils and serums are the real powerhouses of your nighttime routine. We love Full Bloom, a lightweight oil formula that literally disappears into skin on application, penetrating deeply to stimulate collagen and plump skin whilst you sleep.

Finally, to maximise your window of rest, give your skin a gentle pre-sleep stretch by massaging a rich overnight mask into the skin, beginning at the décolletage and working slowly up in gentle sweeping movements from the centre of the face outwards. Look for innovative new ingredients that work with the circadian rhythm of the skin and are designed to optimise renewal time, such as the lavender cellular extract in Midnight Reset, our deliciously rich Sleeping Balm which is also packed with collagen boosting raspberry seed oil and a probiotic complex to keep the skin barrier is calm and as relaxed as you are as you snooze.

Healthy skin sleep hygiene is a must for waking up with a happier more glowing complexion and the 3 steps above are so simple you’ll never lose sleep over dull and dehydrated skin again!

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