Discover the Secret to Dreamy Skin: Glow To Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed

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To sleep, perchance to wake up to dreamy skin

The importance of sleep is something we are becoming increasingly aware of. From everything to diet, to mood, to productivity, how well we sleep impacts every corner of our being.

And while you’re following your usual daily pattern (caffeine, work, more caffeine, play, sleep …) you may not have noticed, but your skin is shifting gears alongside you. The circadian rhythm that dictates when we wake and when we sleep affects not just your body but also your skin cells which have their own internal ‘clock’. You may not hear it ticking, but it's there.

Whether you’re busy tapping out emails and wondering how we lived before Zoom/Teams (pretty well, thanks), dropping the kids at school, teaching yoga or stepping out on stage, your skin spends the daylight hours in full blown protect mode, working behind the scenes to shield and save skin from damage. It may sound unlikely, but your skin is also thicker during the day – in the physical sense, not in terms of whether you can tolerate yet another meeting with everyone shouting “you’re on mute” 3 times an hour or cope with another teenage meltdown at home. And this thicker skin is better protected against pollution. Skin also produces more sebum during the day to help it stay hydrated when faced with the elements. Pretty smart I think you’ll agree.

When night falls, however, that’s when the real magic begins. As melatonin production kicks off within the body, skin turns its focus to repair. Cell regeneration, bloody flow and barrier permeability (how easily not just products but also pollution, irritants and blue light can penetrate skin) are all at their highest, and working with this internal clock maximises the benefit of your skincare.

Which is why, at team Kelsey, we are thrilled to share our favourite night-time skin secret with you.

Midnight Reset, our indulgent sleeping balm, is rapidly amassing diehard skincare fans, who like us have fallen hard for this must-have final step in an evening skincare routine. 

Packing an incredibly powerful punch and containing an exciting new active ingredient extracted from Lavender flower to help reset the circadian rhythm of the skin, it promotes maximum cellular recovery  every night, no matter how you sleep. 

But why a balm, we hear you ask, isn't that just a fancy way of saying Night Cream? Well no, actually.

Balms and overnight masks are the Ace in your pack of skincare cards. Usually richer than creams and packed with actives at a level usually seen in serums and treatment oils,  balms can be applied in layers, with a rich visible coating left on overnight without the risk of clogging (always choose  one formulated without petroleum/mineral based oils or comedogenic oils if prone to breakouts). This layering process helps reduce overnight moisture loss, forming a barrier to ensure actives are absorbed. Balms are so much more than simple hydration heroes and are the perfect tool to fight all skin woes, from dullness to loss of elasticity to puffiness.

Midnight Reset supports overnight refer nation, promotes a healthy skin microbiome, helps to protect the skin barrier and stimulates the ATP within skin (the batteries, so to speak) leaving it glowing, energised and supple in the morning . Whilst you slip slowly into the land of slumber, it works quietly in the background to bestow a camera worthy glow in the morning. Adapting your skincare at night makes great sense – a decision you probably don’t need to sleep on.