Great skin? No stress…

5 Minute Read

Keeping up with a never ending to do list, pressure to stay fit and healthy (get those 5 a day in, watch your caffeine, and don’t forget to go outdoor swimming/tone your arms/practice hot yoga three times a week) alongside the need for a social life, on top of family commitments and taking the recycling out (basically the dreaded Adulting) can deplete even the perkiest of us. Combined with three months of grey sky and rain, it's not surprising that April has become earmarked as Stress Awareness month. Giving it said title may not be enough to really invoke change, but at least we’re having the conversation. 

Stress Awareness month aims to raise awareness of the causes of our modern-day epidemic of existential dread, and to consider cures. 

It’s true that the big things can make a difference but so can the small daily changes that simplify our already over-committed schedules. Sometimes finding half an hour a day to meditate or exercise simply isn't realistic, whereas a minute of deep breathing, a ten minute blast of fresh air and sunlight or a nourishing bowl of something home-cooked instead of takeout can work wonders in lifting our mood.

Take skincare for example. To listen to those evangelical about their routine could easily set you off down the track of the Korean 10 step routine or mean a bigger bathroom cabinet is required (along with a PHd in Chemistry.)

So at team Kelsey, we started with one simple fact in mind – when it comes to beauty, sometimes less is more. Especially when it comes to taking care of the one thing you don’t take off at the end of the day. You don’t always need a thicker skin, just a less confused one. And a little known fact: cortisol, the end-product of feeling anxious, overwhelmed or just too darn busy, is the enemy of great skin, accelerating the ageing process and promoting irritation and breakouts – a great reason to just dial it all back to basics.

All of our KELSEY products were developed as mini heroes in their own right, meaning not only does each one feel like a mini moment of self-care (the dreamy scent of Luminous Glow cleansing balm as it melts into the skin sends us into a delicious day dream of orange blossom groves and warm sun …) but that each one is double-duty, so to speak, quietly working away to tick several boxes at once.

Our Luminous Glow cleanser is a transforming formula, meaning that with massage and then the application of water it glides from gel to milk seamlessly, removing make-up yet rinsing cleanly away, eliminating the need for a time-consuming double cleanse. But the genius doesn’t end there – it also doubles as an express brightening mask due to the low levels of fruit acids and vitamin C – radiance, simplified.

Midnight Reset, our Sleeping Balm and overnight hero was developed to tackle not just nighttime dehydration but also to repair the skin barrier, promote optimum microbiome balance AND fight dull tired skin. Doing the job of a serum, hydration boosting night cream and energising mask all in one. And it delivers dewy, glowing plump skin whilst you sleep – how stress free can one product be?

Switching to double-duty skincare is a perfect way of gaining a few precious minutes a day and simplifying things in a world that demands ever more of our attention.

We believe that maximum glow, minimum stress is the cornerstone of great skin!