Have You Got a Sustainable Skincare Routine?

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There is no denying that our daily choices have a ripple effect on our planet. With World Earth Day in mind, we’re examining what it looks like to have a sustainable skincare routine.

Tip 1. Search for products with sustainable packaging 

At KELSEY, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and our packaging is no exception. We source everything as locally and as conscientiously as possible. We are committed to changing the way that skincare is produced and packaged ) for the better and have tried to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Here are some of the sustainability choices that we’ve made when packaging our skincare

Bottle: Our sprayed glass is fully recyclable.
Pipette: We chose to use polypropylene (PP) which is recyclable.
Pipette bulb: We opted for recyclable nitrile bulbs which are less polluting than more commonly used PVC.
Carton: All our cardboard is fully FSC Certified, carbon balanced and sourced in the UK.
Stickers: We have chosen fully compostable stickers which carry the OK Compost certification.
Envelopes: Our envelopes are made from glassine paper which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Tip 2. Use eco-friendly ingredients

Being accountable for the ingredients in your skincare products isn't just making sure they're of high quality for your skin and sourced well and ethically. It's also thinking about the long-term impact of the ingredients and their impact on the environment. We took a really considered approach to development, by choosing where possible, active ingredients that are biodegradable or considered to do no harm to the environment. This means we have chosen to avoid using ingredients such as cosmetic silicones, parabens, phthalates, PEGS, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances amongst others.

Together we strive to use actives that are of natural UK origin where possible. This includes the sourcing and production of our product!

The leaves, seeds and fruit pulp, often left behind or damaged during harvesting, have fabulous benefits for the skin and we are proud of how we’ve put these at the front and centre of our extraordinary skincare. Learn more about our products here. 

Tip 3. Upcycling 

We take upcycling very seriously. Upcycling means transforming everything that might otherwise have been discarded into products of better quality. It is a common-sense mindset that influences everything we do. 


George and Paul Kelsey

When your skincare products run out, why not take inspiration and action from our sustainable skincare tips? Browse our sustainable skincare products here.