How green is your skincare?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably congratulated yourself on a sustainable approach to beauty if you’ve ticked the boxes of buying planet friendly formulations,  recyclable packaging, or moved away from the drain-clogging waste mountains that are facial wipes.

But there’s a new kid on the ‘How green is your skincare’ block and it’s creating a whole new skincare revolution.

Upcycling is the word on every beauty expert’s lips, and it's all about giving a new lease of life to discarded food by transforming it into something with a whole new benefit.

Creating a delicious alchemy of food + beauty, upcycling was once the preserve of a few niche ‘Green’ brands, but not for long. Even the most luxurious of brands are embracing it, and for good reason. 

Food wastage is a huge problem globally (around a third of the food we produce is thrown away) and, unbelievably, 8 % of man-made greenhouse emissions come from treating food waste. 

At KELSEY, we believe that there’s a better way.

We started slowly, upcycling waste seeds, leaves and fruit from our farm, transforming them into new unique skincare actives. We rapidly discovered that they were packed with powerful benefits and can make a huge difference to the quality of the skin.

Our cult products are loved by journalists and beauty insiders alike for their ability to delivering maximum glow with minimum hassle and more importantly, minimal impact on the planet.

So we’ve taken it further, and are kicking off some groundbreaking work that goes beyond purely food waste. Our new innovation uses parts of the plant that aren’t suitable for food consumption, from roots to canes, and our clinical R&D team are working on the best ways to put these to use.

Circular beauty is here to stay, and that means much more than simply recycling your bottles.