How To Help Sensitive Skin

2 Minute Read

KELSEY products are mindfully developed without fragrance allergens, harsh foaming agents, silicones, physical exfoliants or mineral oils in a bid to reduce the risk of sensitivity. Our products also contain microbiome friendly bacteria and fatty acids that actually help to reinforce the barrier of the skin which is your ally in keeping it happy all year round. 

With any new product however it is always worth doing a trial run if you have sensitive skin. You can apply a small amount on a targeted area such as your cheek, leave it for five minutes before wiping away. The shorter contact time should reduce the risk of any significant reaction but equally should be enough to give a feel for whether the product is suited to your skin or not. 

Additionally this can be a great method for those who are more reactive to ingredients but still want to enjoy the benefits of brightening products such as our Mother Of Masks facemask. By applying the product for a shorter duration you can still enjoy the benefits with less risk and can build up the usage duration over time if you are happy that your skin is comfortable.