How to treat dry skin in winter?

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New year has arrived with a bang, and with it a host of resolutions that will, for the most part, slowly dwindle as the days lengthen, moods brighten and our healthier spring habits take hold. But if, like team KELSEY , the new year finds you a little ‘parched’ as well as partied out, and less than thrilled to find yourself battling with tight, dry skin that is crying out for urgent TLC, read on. 

Winter, bringer of seasonal festivities, cosy log fires and central heating, can be a wonderful time of restoration, a time to regroup, restore flagging energy and renew our promises to ourselves to slow the pace and focus on friends and family.


It’s not surprising therefore, with so much to be embraced, that we forget to focus on our skin, only to find that January rolls around and brings with it thirsty skin, beset with dry, itchy patches, dullness, tightness and resulting in frantic google searches for ‘best moisturising cream’.

First things first – hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Yes, drinking water can feel like a drag, but alongside your skincare it’s the single best thing that you can do to achieve a plump glowing complexion. Hate plain water? Pimp it up with a sprig of Rosemary (great for boosting focus and concentration) or pop in some Vitamin C-rich slices of lime and lemon and keep it on your desk whilst working. If possible, turn off or turn down central heating in your sleeping space too as this can seriously dry-out your skin overnight.

And then get serious about your skincare to help it over the post-holiday hump.

Switching to a more gentle cleanser can help (out, harsh Sulphates!) as can adding in a gentle exfoliating ingredient to lift away surface cells enabling your treatment and hydration products to better penetrate the skin. Our Luminous Glow Cleanser is packed with natural fruit acids to lightly exfoliate without dryness or irritation and uses coconut derived gentle cleansers combined with glycerin to attract and lock in moisture. 


Secondly, and vitally, now is the time reduce the usage of harsh or astringent products and to add in an oil or a concentrate to quench dry patches and reduce redness by soothing the skin barrier. The brilliance of facial oils is that they can also be added to a favourite day cream, night cream or make-up base to boost its brilliance and give a gorgeous glossy finish to the skin. We add a drop of Full Bloom Concentrate to our foundation on dull days, giving the perfect amount of glow whilst ramping up our hydration levels. Full Bloom is packed with our bioavailable EZ Rubus ID® Raspberry Seed Oil which is packed with essential fatty acids, and squalane, one of the best moisturising ingredients for dry skin. Together they help to reinforce the skin barrier whilst offering intensive moisturisation during the colder months.

Our real insider tip however is to apply your oil/concentrate to DAMP skin that is not fully dry. Sounds odd, yes, but the oil locks in the water that is sitting on the surface of the skin and secures lasting hydration for optimum suppleness. To add the icing to the skincare cake, apply a final layer of a rich moisturising overnight mask or cream after the oil – building lightly until all product is absorbed before hitting the sack.

Happy Hydrating, and here’s to 2023 – the year of the Kelsey Glow!