Ingredient Illuminated: EZ Rubus ID ®

3 Minute Read 

If you’ve been lurking on our website or following us on social, you may have heard us talking about an ingredient called EZ Rubus ID®. Sounds like a Harry Potter spell, but isn’t. Although it does possess more than a sprinkle of magic if you’re looking for great glow or are experiencing a skin SOS.

EZ Rubus ID® is the trademark name of our activated Raspberry Seed Oil and powers all of our skincare. It suits all skin types, and really comes into its own when skin needs a touch of extra TLC – (particularly relevant during midlife and menopause, as skin becomes thinner and more sensitive and in desperate need of ingredients that can help nourish, firm and support healthy collagen production whilst also soothing the barrier which can become particularly sensitised as hormones levels fluctuate).

In itself, Raspberry Seed Oil is a skin superhero – its rich in vitamins A and E (antioxidant packed protective and brightening powerhouses for skin), linoleic acid, and phytosterols, all of which bestow bouncy glowing skin whilst protecting against causes of premature ageing.

But EZ Rubus ID® is the result of taking our upcyled Raspberry Seed Oil to the next level, and here’s where the good stuff really happens.

EZ Rubus ID® is the enzymatically-activated form of Raspberry Seed Oil, which put simply means we take the oil through a process which mimics the plant’s own natural process. The constituents of the plant oil are broken down into much smaller molecules, thereby activating the triglycerides it contains and making these much more bioavailable to the skin, and therefore much more effective in terms of results.


Studies have shown that activating oils and changing their structure can multiply their benefits, resulting in a 46% boost in skin elasticity, a 34% increase in smoothness and enhancing absorption by up to 50%. Big results for a tiny seed. And because including activated oils in a finished product enhances their overall effective, you’ll see a myriad of benefits from collagen-boosting to barrier soothing , nourishing and brightening.

We’re big believers in the power of nature and science combined, especially when it comes to delivering on maximum glow with minimum impact.

Glow on, glow brightly, and make it EZ-y.