Ingredient Illuminated: Gorgeous glow-giving Glycolic

3 Minute Read 

Hear the word acid and have visions of terrifying lab bottles and peeling skin?

Fear not, when used correctly, acids pack more bang for their buck than most skincare actives, and Glycolic is one of the most loved of them all.

It’s a water-soluble acid, mainly made from sugar cane and is one of the most widely used in skincare products because it’s easily absorbed due to the tiny molecules it contains – better absorption = better exfoliation and MORE GLOW. And who can say no to that?

So how does it work exactly?

Well, Glycolic speeds up the turnover of your cells, dissolving the bonds that holds them together, allowing skin to shed older dull cells more quickly. Cue firm, plump elastic skin, thanks in part to the fact that this wonder ingredient also triggers collagen production in the skin. 

A must for sun-damaged skin, Glycolic helps to fade dark patches caused by sun damage, can brighten the skin if used regularly (once or twice a week is ideal) and it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles whilst also plumping. 

Oily skin and blackheads getting you down? Pesky pimples making you want to hibernate? 

Again no problem, because Glyoclic does it all. It helps to clean out pores, thus preventing blackheads from forming and helping to reduce the likelihood of breakouts. It can help to soften the look of acne scarring, although it won’t make them go away entirely. 

As with most acids, however, dosage is everything. Whilst professional peels can contain up to 70% Glycolic, we cap our inclusion level at 10% in our Mother of Masks to avoid the peeling, irritation and redness that can come with higher levels of use. Instead we boost the end result with gentler fruit acids that complement Glycolic but are milder on the skin. 

Struggle with sensitivity? We get it. Team Kelsey are sensitive souls at heart and crave a gentle touch. You can still use acids, and can test the water by using the quick contact method, applying an acid mask for just a minute or two, massaging in and then removing rather than waiting 10 minutes. We call this the quick contact method and it’s a genius hack if you’re worried about visible side effects. 

Show your skin a little extra love by introducing to to Glycolic today for even more radiance and glow tomorrow !