Ingredient Illuminated: Super Skin Saviour Squalane

2 Minute Read:

Squalane is an ingredient that’s been on everyone’s lips for a while now, but how much do you really know about what it does?

We love Squalane so much we use it in two of our hero products – Full Bloom and Morn to Eve concentrates and like to slather these on whenever we’re feeling a little dry, sensitive or just in need of a little extra TLC. 

Let’s start with a key fact – Squalane is NOT the same as Squalene. It is a modified version of Squalene which is one of the key components of our skin’s own sebum. Squalene used in skin was typically from Shark Liver Oil – not ideal and definitely not in line with our Kelsey vegan stance. These days however most products use plant-derived sustainable sources , typically from olives, amaranth and rice bran – yes to plants, no to raiding the blue planet!

Most people know Squalane as a hydrating ingredient, and at this it certainly excels, having an almost identical make-up to skin’s own oil, meaning it is lightweight, easily absorbed and is unlikely to irritate or clog pores. A dream for skin that tends towards the oilier end of the spectrum.

But less known is the incredible antioxidant benefits it possesses. By working with other antioxidants in the skin, it neutralises damage from free radicals and blue light. This in turn protects against lipid peroxidation (say that before your morning caffeine…) , stopping oils within the skin from becoming damaged, leading to ageing inflammation. 

And finally, because skin recognises and has its own love story going on with Squalane, it is welcomed by other lipids present in the dermis such as ceramides, and works with them to repair the skin barrier – a harmonious symphony of plump protected perfection at a dermatological level.

Pretty impressive in its own right we think you’ll agree. But when combined with our activated raspberry seed oil, EZ Rubus ID®, which boasts a 50% increase in penetration and bioavailability, Squalane really comes into its own like never before. Team Kelsey are never without our Squalane-rich morning dose of Morn to Eve to depuff, hydrate and shield skin against aggressors during the daytime, and as the sun goes down we reach for best-selling Full Bloom, a plumping, collagen-boosting and line-fighting Super oil concentrate, packed with Squalane and EZ Rubus ID®.

Find out why the experts are never without Squalane, and give your skin some summer lovin’ today. We promise you wont regret it.