May You Glow

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Yay for May – or so the cry goes in the Kelsey offices.

May brings with it not just warmer temperatures, the glow of the golden hour as the sun sets and bank holidays to set the spirits soaring but is also the start of wedding season, and this year, unless you’ve moved to an uninhabited island with no Wi-Fi, you cant escape the fun and frivolity accompanying the Coronation. 

If that wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, May also brings with it the Eurovision Song Contest, held this year in Liverpool (voting cards and strong opinions at the ready please) , International Tea Day, World Bee Day (we’re big fans of our buzzy friends and their importance for our plants) but also World Towel Day (we’ve got nothing…)!

A myriad of reasons to celebrate life, laughter and to love the skin you’re in.

To get your skin really ready and out-dazzle the Crown Jewels you’ll need a few solid essentials.

At the heart of great skin is always the first and easiest step – cleansing. No matter how many glow-giving tonics or highlighting potions you possess, if skin isn’t really clean your products won’t penetrate properly. We like to gently encourage our cellular turnover whilst cleansing to lift away dull and grey surface cells to reveal the luminous skin just waiting underneath to take a star turn – KELSEY Luminous Glow cleanser contains vitamin rich fruit puree and mild fruit acids to gently refine and exfoliate and is kind enough to use every day due to the gentle hydrating coconut based cleansing agents.

We always recommend following with one of our concentrates that boost the skin, giving extra support and containing EZ Rubus ID®, our star ingredient comprised of enzymatically activated raspberry seed oil that is a powerful, highly bioavailable antioxidant, packed with fatty acids and vitamins to keep your skin beaming with health all day long.

Just like the good old-fashioned British pick and mix sugar-hit we all love, our concentrates suit all skin types and you can switch them in and out of your routine depending on how your skin is feeling. 

Need protection from pollution, blue light and general day to day stressors? Morn to Eve is your perfect partner packed with defensive polyphenols and a unique ‘virtual shield’ for the skin to turn those pesky pollutants away.

Want to really ramp up your glow ready for party-time? Three Moons will bestow gleaming skin fit for the flashiest bash, with a blend of brightening micro-algae, stable vitamin C, fermented renewal-boosting probiotics and fruit pulp infusion.

Need a really intensive hit of hydration and nourishment to lift skin, boost elasticity and fight those fine lines? Full Bloom is our superstar light oil concentrate, it firms and feeds skin giving it a bouncy glossy glow (and is perfect for adding lustre to any foundation/base – simply add one drop and mix on the hand before application).

But the best way to feel party ready? You got it – beauty sleep.

So grab that silk eye mask, get out the magnesium bathing salts and essential oils, and treat yourself to a relaxing soak before whipping out the big guns of skincare – ladies and gentlemen, meet Midnight Reset.

Our game-changing 5 Star Overnight Sleeping Balm is packed to the rafters with powerful clinically active ingredients to maximise the downtime skin so desperately needs. As the skin barrier becomes more permeable overnight, so our hero actives (including a unique lavender extract, probiotics, glycerine and seed oils) go to work, boosting the circulation of the skin, firming, toning, quietly de-puffing whilst boosting radiance, drawing in moisture and bestowing dreamy skin just in time for morning. Fragranced with soothing orange blossom and grounding woody notes, it’s the perfect companion for a gentle face yoga session or massage to really relax the body and mind.

Whatever the occasion, just a little preparation and a few powerful products will whip your skin into shape so that you can glow on and enjoy the party whilst your skin dazzles.

Team Kelsey will be raising a glass of something sparkly with you – Happy celebrating!