Menopause & Your Skin

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After years of being shrouded in silence, conversation around menopause is finally opening up. Women, tired of feeling invisible, tucked away, ignored and treated like easily-breakable china in midlife, are challenging brands to create product offerings that speak to their life experiences. And considering the fact that around 900K women in the UK will quit the workforce due to the challenges of hormonal changes, this shift in attitude is long overdue.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, and a host of brands, from nutrition to skincare to clothing are entering the arena claiming to offer the perfect solution Perfect timing, as women with their new-found confidence demand products that make them look great on the outside too. 

So actually happens to the skin during menopause?

Firstly, it’s a slower transition than has been previously recognised. Perimenopause can begin up to 10 years before menopause is medically confirmed. That’s 10 years (and more) of irregular, irritable skin that can’t work out whether to sag, break out or freak out – redness and irritation are common as hormonal changes and dehydration set in.

As oestrogen declines, so does collagen and the fibroblasts that stimulate elastin. Coupled with a slower cellular turnover, it’s a recipe for dull, depleted and dehydrated skin resulting in loss of radiance, slackness and fine lines. And slower turnover means less product absorbed where it needs to be.

So how can you tackle this?

  1. Tread lightly – your usual routine of retinol and harsh acids may no longer serve you, and could in fact push sensitised skin over the edge. Switch to a richer cleanser boosted with fatty acids, vegetable cleansing agents and gentle brighteners such as vitamin C and AHAs. Our soon-to-launch Luminous Glow Cleanser also doubles as an express brightening mask, gently removing all traces of make-up whilst promoting a vibrant complexion.
  2. Protect – the daily dose of UV, pollution, blue light and harsh foaming agents we are subject to means your skin needs antioxidants to shield against damage from free radicals. (Our Morn to Eve Concentrate is loaded with a potent virtual ‘shield” to support skin and neutralise environmental damage)
  3. Invigorate – As cellular turnover slows and circulation becomes more sluggish, our once taken for granted gleaming radiance can become a distant memory. Three Moons Brightening Concentrate is loaded with raspberry fruit pulp, rich in brightening vitamins, to gently boost turnover and reveal fresher, brighter skin whilst polyphenol rich raspberry leaf shields against damage. 
  4. Support – Feed skin with nourishing fatty acids to protect the skin barrier whilst stimulating the production of collagen for a plumping volume boost. Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate features lupin seed oil and our raspberry seed oil which work together to help restore a more uniform tone and texture.
  5. Supercharge your skin – menopausal and perimenopausal skin needs more than it ever has. Our products all contain our proprietary active EZ Rubus ID®, an enzymatically activated raspberry seed oil that has been molecularly altered to be highly bioavailable and is able to amplify the results of each finished product by ensuring optimum penetration. This hero molecule helps minimise epidermal water loss and helps to lock in actives.

We can and should challenge outdated perceptions around what it means to be in midlife. Lets start with all getting what we deserve - unapologetically gorgeous glowing skin.

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