Menopause & Your Skin

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Embrace the midlife Glow-up!

October is world menopause month and the debate around what used to be a whispered taboo is hotting up – and it’s a conversation that hopefully won’t be over in a flash. Perimenopause and menopause education is here to stay – let’s keep it front and centre, as it rightly should be after years in conversational Siberia.

Women are finally, slowly, getting the support they need to navigate a turbulent yet also formative time in their lives and no longer want to feel invisible. But we’re also coping with up to 48 – yes 48!! – symptoms of menopause at any one time, including skin, it becomes, quite frankly, schizophrenic. Talk about 4 seasons in one day, as skin flips wildly from dryness, to spots, to redness, to dull, grey and tired, and that’s just in a morning!

Women in their 40s and 50s know great skin, and we know great skincare can help deliver it. Beauty products should work with our age, not against us, and skincare that works at this transitional time, not against us, can seem hard to find. 

From our late 30s, our collagen begins to decline, and our cellular turnover slows as our hormones begin to drop. The result? Skin that is lacking in radiance, a little dull, parched (hydration by the bucketload? Yes please, our battle-worn skin barrier pleads) and prone to sensitivity. By mid 40s, skin is often crying out for a well-earned break.

So how can you make skincare work harder and show your skin some much needed midlife love?

It may feel counterintuitive, but acids can be an ally for your skin at this age – the trick is which ones, and how often, to avoid adding fuel to the fire of increased sensitivity. Look for gentler fruit acids such as those in our Luminous Glow Cleanser or Three Moons concentrate, both of which boost cellular turnover to help energise skin and boost radiance. As a bonus this also helps improve penetration of other products = enhanced efficacy. You can also incorporate a flash brightening mask once a week such as Mother of Masks – a powerhouse that helps reinvigorate tired and dull skin. It contains Glycolic Acid, a gold-standard in glow-giving, at a level that shouldn’t cause sensitivity but we always suggest using the quick-contact method initially to see how your skin responds – simply apply, massage into the skin for a minute to boost absorption and rinse well, building up to leaving on for 10 minutes once skin is used to a more powerful exfoliation.

Above all, nourish your midlife skin with fatty acids to protect the skin barrier whilst supporting the production of collagen – vital for plump firm skin with a youthful glow.Full Bloom Plumping Concentrate features our signature EZ Rubus ID®, a molecular activated raspberry seed oil that has been enhanced for 50% better absorption. Add an oil-based treatment such as Full Bloom to your skincare routine helps minimise epidermal water loss and helps to lock in actives and keep skin hydrated and beaming with health.

Finally, we prescribe a hefty dose of skin-perking sleep – potentially the best beauty treatment known to man. And if sleep is elusive, as it can be with falling hormone levels, we love Midnight Reset for helping us ‘Fake it Til we Make it’. Loved by customers and beauty editors, it mimics 8 hours rest by working to maximise circadian rhythms within the skin, allowing it to recharge and rapid overnight when products can penetrate more deeply. And to give you even more Va Va Voom with your morning coffee, we packed in barrier-supporting probiotic complex to keep your barrier calm and as relaxed as you snooze.

Midlife is a time to show your brilliant self to the world and with the right skincare in your cabinet, your skin can also be its very best self.