Introducing Mother of Masks - The Reviews are in: Get a 5 Star Glow Today!

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“****** One of the best face masks I’ve ever used! …left my skin really radiant and had a gorgeous hydrating effect. Just the ticket”

Hot on the Barbie-Core bandwagon, our latest launch is well and truly the MOTHER OF MASKS. Hot pink yet deliciously colourant-free, this skin wonder is brimming with up-cycled raspberry actives from our sustainable farm in Kent.

Packed with brightening ingredients to boost cellular turnover and reveal fresh glowing skin, we bring you summer radiance, bottled (ok, in a jar but you get our point…)

We combined powerful glycolic acid at comfortable levels with milder fruit based acids from Sugar Maple, Lemon and Orange, to deliver rapid results but without the irritation of other brightening masks which can come with a side serving of redness, sensitivity and disruption to the precious skin barrier.

Amino acids pack another powerful punch and are the building blocks of peptides and proteins, without which skin becomes sad and saggy. Repeat after us – “we want perky & plump”.

And the superhero ingredient to supercharge your results? 

Activated raspberry seed oil, or as we call it, EZ Rubus ID®. We activate the energy within our oil by using an enzymatic process to deliver 50% better bioavailability than other plant oils to bring a flood of healthy hydration to the skin along with a dose of fatty acids to promote healthy collagen production, firm and tone the skin. 

Not just a brightening mask, but a must-have nighttime treatment for your beauty cabinet, Mother of Masks will take your skin to the next level.