Our Guide to Glowing Skin

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Your skin is a world of its own. 

A finely tuned machine of protection, balance and repair. It often feels we are on a relentless quest for achieving the quintessential healthy glow, that illusive radiance and lit-from-within effortless luminosity. 

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But what is glow

Radiant, “glowing” skin refers to a supple, hydrated, balanced, protected complexion with an even, clarified, refined tone and a smooth appearance. 


Modern life and the general day-to-day can unsettle, unbalance and stress skin barrier function leaving the complexion compromised. Overnight, skin begins to appear dull, lacklustre and feel uneven. Get to know your skin’s “normal” and create a positive relationship with your reflection, this will help identify what is dulling your sparkle. Here are some of the most common nemeses of radiance! 

Dead skin cells 
A build-up of surface debris occurs when our cellular turnover is compromised. This may be due to poor circulation, free radical impact, age or poor skincare choices. Dirt, debris, makeup, sweat, pollution etc, linger on the complexion, causing texture irregularity, dull tone and congestion.

When the skin barrier resilience is impaired it enables TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) to occur. This leads to vulnerability of vital cellular function, leading to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, shadowing around the eyes, loss of tone, suppleness and overall loss of skin radiance.

Lack of sleep
The longer days can play havoc with sleep routines, it is easy to stay up late and be woken early by the light creeping in. Poor sleep is the nemesis of glow, showing readily in the complexion with dark circles, puffiness and dull skin tone. 

Poor diet, alcohol and other lifestyle influences can lead to dullness, enlarged pores and the appearance of more pronounced expression lines. 

UV exposure
Exposure to damaging UV rays affects the natural barrier function of the skin, once damaged this can allow more harmful free radicals to be triggered within the skin causing hyperpigmentation, inflammation and the breakdown of key structural proteins.

Elastin and Collagen breakdown
These support fibres within the body allow skin to “snap” or “bounce” back, when the protective barrier function and microbiome of the skin is compromised, this enables damaging oxidative stress to affect the resilience of these key proteins.

Skincare Routine
Over zealous exfoliation, poor hydration, over-stimulation and incorrectly matched products, can cause sluggishness or reactivity within the complexion, destabilising the status-quo.

As the cycle of oestrogen continues monthly and throughout life, surging and dipping, so too does the impact of the rise and fall of oil production in response, which contributes to the appearance and uniformity of pores and can lead to congestion.

It can feel overwhelming. But, healthy skin habits needn’t be complex or require a complete overhaul of your regime. Our solution is simple. Augment your skincare regime with our glow-boosting, brightening serum to deliver enduring luminosity. 


The ultimate brightening powerhouse concentrate. Deliciously silky with a supremely rich complex of actives; it glides over skin and kickstarts a fresh, glowing complexion. But what are the goodies inside? What is the secret to this powerhouse concentrate that transforms your skin to supple, luminous and healthy? Let’s break it down a bit.

Exfoliation: When skin feels uneven, there can be a temptation to “polish” the complexion to reveal lost radiance, but this can be counterintuitive as it can cause micro tears in the skin. This can compound issues by creating damage and triggering inflammation.

Enter our uniquely potent Raspberry fruit pulp infusion. Rich in AHAs yet gentle so as to not upset skin that is overexposed or fragile, smoothes the skin by dissolving surface debris such as sweat, make-up, sunscreen, to help decongest pores and clarify skin tone. AHAs provide a gentle, yet powerfully effective alternative to smooth the surface texture and reveal fresh skin cells, stimulating the renewal process.

Soothe: To counteract the damaging effects of lifestyle and environmental oxidative stress, the star of the show is polyphenol rich Raspberry Leaf extract. Polyphenols have been shown to be highly bioavailable so extremely effective at being absorbed and targeted in application, with minimal degradation of potency. Research into polyphenols has demonstrated that they are highly effective in anti-inflammatory responses and regulating skin cell behaviour that is disrupted through over-exposure. In neutralising inflammation, adverse skin health effects such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and degradation of key skin proteins such as collagen and elastin, can be more controlled.

Protect: A powerful antioxidant and skin brightening expert, stable Vitamin C helps protect skin vitality through shielding the skin from damaging free radicals, particularly UV induced oxidative stress that can trigger hyperpigmentation uneven skin tone.

Brighten: Microalgae brighten, smooth and help minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation, while Hyaluronic Acid and a blend of probiotics help fortify the natural protective barrier function. 


For a skin quench when your complexion feels parched and dehydrated, or overexposed to intensity of UV; pop this rescue concentrate in the fridge to soothe redness and inflammation, the perfect Summer skin rescue. 

This is a daily treatment to help maintain skin health, use after cleansing before moisturiser. But, as a extra weekly skin treat, to restore lost hydration and refine skin tone; apply under a sheet mask amplify your glow.

Whether the goal is complete skin confidence - make-up free or otherwise; skin health is the key.

KELSEY Concentrate Collection: Powered by nature, enhanced by science.

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