Skin Hydration: Decoding Ultimate Skin Health

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Get yourself a drink of water, take a moment and let’s talk about you.

Your skin is an amazing thing. 

Stretching on average, around 2 metres and making up approximately 15% of body weight – it is our largest organ. We take it for granted and yet skin is not only our first line of defence, it is capable of the softest touch and withstanding great pain, it forms our features and gives us a connection with our surroundings. Your skin works hard, it is the visible protection of what lies beneath…time to show it some appreciation, understanding and nourish it with goodness.


The vitality, resilience and radiance of our skin can be significantly impacted by the lifestyle that we expose it to. This semi-permeable protective layer helps shield and regulate the delicate internal cellular structure from external factors that impair function. 

Hydration is key

If skin is adequately hydrated it will appear plump, radiant, remain elastic and regulate toxins, helping avoid the ageing effects of inflammation and irritation…you know the hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and crepey skin texture that we then spend a lifetime trying to undo! 

Bottom line - hydrated skin is happy skin.

But, what is skin dehydration…

Dehydration occurs when precious moisture is lost through the outer skin layers, known as TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss). This passive loss of water can cause complexion crisis mode, triggering overproduction of sebum leading to breakouts through overcompensation in oilier skin types or leaving dry complexions vulnerable to irritation and inflammation.

Your skin structure is like a brick wall. The lipid barrier of the skin is the cement keeping the protective wall intact. Ceramides and other natural moisturising factors (NMFs) such as essential fatty acids, are the cement and when barrier functionality is compromised, the essential hydration that circulates within the deeper layers of the skin structure starts to escape. But, let’s not get confused here - dehydration is not dry skin, it’s important to know the difference so your skincare reflects your individual needs. 

Dry Skin is lacking in lipids (oil):

Your complexion feels a size too small and irritable. This is a biological skin type that is genetic and hormonally driven, but the symptoms can be exacerbated by environmental, product choice and lifestyle factors.

Typical signs include:

- Feeling tight all year round 
- Areas of patchy dry skin on scalp and body as well as the face.
- Skin texture may be uneven, prone to flakiness, redness and sensitivity.


Dehydrated Skin is lacking in water:

Your complexion is in a reactive state caused by inadequate hydration.Any skin type can become dehydrated, even oily skin. Dehydrated skin is symptomatic of lifestyle, environmental and seasonal conditions. 

Typical signs include:

- Wrinkles appear more defined
- Dark circles may appear more pronounced
- Complexion may seem dull and uneven
- Breakouts may occur as the skin overcompensates with oil for the lack of hydration. 

Seasonal Challenges

We know winter can create havoc with our skin as it reacts to dropping temperatures, central heating contrasts and we turn up the hot tap taps for baths and showers. But oh the sun, it is such a wonderful thing…

Summer and the promise of glowing, radiant skin. Longer days, warmer skies…but this fluctuation in temperature can unsettle skin as we slather on more sun cream, our bodies sweat, we jump in the sea, the swimming pool…and naturally increase in our time exposed to environmental aggressors. Year round support of your natural hydration system will help optimise plump, radiant and elastic skin whatever the weather, wherever you are. 


The answer?

The humble raspberry may be the key to your complexion perfection. It is packed with a nutritionally dense complex of essential vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids to help fortify barrier defences, support natural collagen synthesis, smooth the skin and lock in hydration. We utilise every element of this powerhouse of nourishment, from fruit pulp to leaf to seed. 

Raspberry Seed Oil is light, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic, raspberries have the highest concentration of Omega 6 of all fruit seeds, helping form a lipid barrier to support your natural barrier function to prevent dehydration and promote a healthy, naturally balanced microbiome throughout the seasons.

Raspberry Leaf Extract is polyphenol rich helping defend against ageing effects of lifestyle and environmental free radicals. 

Raspberry Fruit Pulp infusion is a natural source of AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which help reveal smoother and brighter skin.

The superpower. Our proprietary active system - EZ Rubus ID® elevates this natural wonder to become a scientifically advanced active that overcomes the biological limitations of absorption. Our unique breakthrough enzymatic biomimicry technology, enables efficient transportation of vital nourishment and elevates bioavailability to intensify results.


All our products are abundant with hydrating ingredients to help smooth, brighten, firm, plump and balance your complexion. But it is MORN TO EVE CONCENTRATE, that will transform skin that is fragile and overexposed due to dehydration and barrier impairment. 

This exceptional, luxurious cream concentrate contains 14 hydrating ingredients. It glides over your complexion, quenching and melting into the skin, providing daily protection and helping minimise the effects of environmental stress on reactive skin. 

Our complete raspberry complex is supported by skin plumping hydration specialist Hyaluronic Acid. You can read more detail hereThis incredible hydrator. With the ability to can hold 1000x its weight in water, and it is produced naturally by our bodies, though but as with many other biological essentials -  supplies deplete with age and exposure to damaging free radicals. Bolstering our supply helps replenish and restore the skin’s ability to retain moisture, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Adding a concentrate to your skincare routine is simple. 2-3 drops on a cleansed face am or pm and your complexion will feel smoother, visibly more radiant and even textured while you have the confidence of protection.

KELSEY Concentrate Collection: Powered by nature, enhanced by science.