Spring Skincare Tips

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As a family of farmers for five generations, the KELSEY farm's life is determined by the seasons. No day is the same and each season has a specific focus and set of challenges, just like our skin. When seasons change, so does our skin’s needs., In spring we should take a little extra care with our skincare routine as allergy season and stronger UV rays are around, even during April showers and grey skies. Here are our spring skincare tips:


1. Create a Deeper Cleanse

We like to think of it as a spring clean for your skin. When the sun comes out, our pores can get blocked with SPF, makeup and natural oils. We recommend a 'double cleanse' or spending an extra two minutes when cleansing your skin morning and night to ensure a deep cleanse. Our LUMINOUS GLOW cleanser contains antibacterial carrot seed oil together with barrier boosting blackcurrant seed oil. 

2. Shed Winter Skin

Alongside a deep daily cleanse, shed any excess dry winter skin by exfoliating twice a week.  When the seasons change it's important to remove dead skin cells that make the skin appear dull. Just be sure to not over-exfoliate as this can cause irritation and may strip your skin of its natural oils.

Give your skin a spring treat with our good-enough-to-eat pink MOTHER OF MASKS. Enriched with Glycolic Acid to aid cellular turnover, glycerin to plump and boost moisture levels and brightening AHAs. 

Both MORN TO EVE and THREE MOONS also have mild exfoliating properties from our upcycled raspberry fruit puree, rich in AHAs. This hero ingredient, which is also a fantastic antioxidant, works on the upper level of dead skin to enhance the skin’s brightness. 


3. Switch out the thick moisturiser

When we spend more time outdoors and under the sun, changing how we moisturise and nourish the skin is important so that we don’t sweat off our skincare and SPF. 

In winter, many of us layer up with a thick moisturiser to create a strong barrier between the skin and harsh weather. But, when spring starts, opting for lighter hydration through oils, face serums and concentrates that you can reapply throughout the day is the best way to protect your skin’s moisture. You can layer our concentrates under your SPF to give yourself hydration and protection.

MORN TO EVE is the perfect spring reset - a wonderfully light hydrating serum that can also double as your day cream that is packed with protective ingredients to shield against UV, blue and artificial light. Reapply as and when you feel your skin needing a little pick me up during the day. 

4. Make Your Skincare Routine Sustainable

Here at KELSEY, sustainability has always been a part of our DNA. We wanted to upcycle our waste produce and find a use for the fruit, leaves and seeds that get left behind. This began our journey to investigate how they could be used within skincare.

All three of our skin concentrates are packed with these powerful ingredients, putting them front and centre of our extraordinary skincare - chosen specifically for their benefits to the skin, and the positive impact that upcycling has on the planet and beauty industry.

We believe that taking action to reduce waste at the very beginning of the creation process and then prioritising sustainability in all areas of our brand allows you to make an easy decision when trying to find sustainable skincare products.

Upgrade your skincare this spring - explore the KELSEY skincare range here.

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