Summer Skin SOS

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Nothing, but nothing, feels as good as sun on your skin. The warmth, the mood-boosting properties of a dose of Vitamin D, a healthy glow – its all good, right?

But when summer settles in for a longer spell (it’s the dream) then the combination of air conditioning, heat and UV rays really can wreak havoc on a previously settled complexion. 

And if you’re in any way prone to sensitivity, it's time to take some extra precautions.

Firstly, and we can’t say this enough – Wear Sunscreen. All. The. Time. 

And don’t even think about anything less than SPF 30. If prone to breakouts, consider switching to a lightweight mineral formula, as chemical sunscreens can tip the balance for skin that nudges towards the oilier side.

Team KELSEY are also fans of the lukewarm shower, rather than very hot or very cold – much kinder to skin as the cooler water means you aren’t stripping away natural oils within the skin that is already dehydrated and disillusioned.

Counterintuitively, the key to keeping skin glowing all summer long is to pack in the hydration, adding nourishment without overloading the skin when it feels hot, sweaty and ready to pack its bags and take a permanent holiday.

Firstly, switch to a cleanser that is on the lighter side to sweep away surface oil and dirt, but make sure to avoid harsh foaming agents. KELSEY Luminous Glow cleanser uses gentle coconut-based cleaning agents to avoid tight dry skin but also contains a healthy hit of fruit acids to shift tired skin cells, boosting turnover for a radiance to match the sunniest of sun days.

Once skin is beaming with clarity, we suggest packing in the nutrition with a serum.

Our KELSEY concentrates are the ultimate hydration heroes you need when skin is struggling. 

Fruitfully loaded with activated raspberry seed oil, which uses a molecular process to supercharge the triglycerides, breaking them into smaller components which are able to not only penetrate the skin more quickly but are also more bioavailable, penetrating deeply yet absorbing quickly for a silky light finish.

Rich in collagen boosting fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins and a proven natural UV ray fighter, raspberry seed oil is a summer superhero, boasting both protection and nourishment in one perfect package that fits your hot bothered skin like a bikini to die for.

As a final step, opt for a light night cream or even better an overnight mask – these work as more of a treatment and are high in clinical actives that go way beyond hydration. KELSEY Midnight Reset energises the skin as you sleep (or, rather, toss and turn and curse the heat) with a unique lavender complex that resynchronises the circadian rhythm and fermented probiotics to support cellular turnover and enhanced radiance, ensuring you wake up rested and ready to face another dazzling day!

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Summer Skin SOS