Vegan Beauty : Switching To Skincare That Cares

4 Minute Read 

Vegan skincare (along with cruelty-free - another cause at the beating heart of the Kelsey Brand), is one of the most searched for beauty terms and the movement is growing rapidly. Vegan beauty is where it’s at, and not bugging bunnies or bothering bees is bang on trend.

But what is it, firstly, and should you care?

Firstly, let’s clear up any confusion – vegan skincare is not the same as natural skincare or clean skincare, both of which can can contain animal ingredients as long as they aren’t synthetic, and is not the same as vegetarian skincare which is allowed to contain by-products such as lanolin. 

Secondly, if we’re talking personal values vs skincare results, vegan products can give seriously impressive results without ethical compromise. 

Plant-based ingredients are generally better absorbed back into our surroundings after use, breaking down into non-toxic compounds making them more planet-friendly. And typically the production of these uses less energy and avoids environmental impact. For example, the AHAs in our gorgeous Luminous Glow Cleanser are from fruit acids rather than milk sugars which, when traced back to their animal origins, contribute to greenhouse gases.

Plant-based and therefore vegan ingredients are also powerhouses for the skin - typically rich in protective vitamins, polypeptides, fatty acids and antioxidant rich anthocyanins. As an example, the raspberry leaves used in our Morn to Eve concentrate are packed with polyphenols – giants in the world of skin resilience and regeneration that help in protecting against free radicals.

Even better, plant based oils vs mineral oils are more easily available to the skin.  Unlike synthetic mineral oils or animal-Derived hydrating ingredients, they don’t block the pores and lead to breakouts. Our EZ Rubus ID®, a proprietary ingredient developed by KELSEY and world-leading chemists, and the key ingredient in our Full Bloom concentrate, contains an exceptionally high dose of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, plus proactive Vitamin E and alpha-linoleic acid. Also shown to have mild UVB absorbent properties, it’s the ally your skin has always needed.