Waste not, want not….

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Zero Waste Week was formed in direct response to the impact that man-made climate change is affecting the world we live in. Beginning in 2008 with a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign, Zero waste week encourages us all to think about small personal steps towards improving our own impact.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice and information available, and to give up trying because, well, how can our small individual decisions really make much of a difference anyway?

And therein lies the irony. Because in reality, if we all take small steps, together we can do everything.

As a brand in an industry where waste is prevalent, we try to think differently.

Our entire mission came from a desire to put the waste fruit from our farm to good use and never throw away anything that could be repurposed, from our seeds which are packed with powerful fatty acids, to our leaves, powerhouses of protection for the skin. Like diamonds in the dust, no precious fruit that falls to the ground is wasted.

And we’re taking it one step further, with research and development now focussing on the inedible elements of the plant that have long been ignored, from the canes to the roots. No man, or plant part, left behind is our mission this Zero Waste Week.

Then of course there’s our packaging commitment – recycled plastics wherever possible, refillable packaging, simple switches for maximum benefit (we opted for nitrile bulbs instead of environmentally unfriendly PVC and chose our carton supplier based on their carbon neutral status).

The beauty industry is changing, with more focus than ever on how we can make responsible decisions in terms of the footprint we leave behind. With small steps the future of our planet can be as glowing as your skin after a KELSEY facial.