What Is A Gua Sha & How to Use It?

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A beauty tool like no other, the gua sha has taken over our social media feeds and for good reason, it delivers incredible results. So, what exactly is this trending skincare tool and how does it work? 

Gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing treatment that involves light tapping on the body using smooth, flat objects. Practitioners believe that the pressure and contact between the gua sha tool and the skin stimulates blood flow, and helps to clear toxins and stagnant energy from the body. The practice of gua sha has been used for thousands of years, with some people using it solely as a beauty treatment to promote smoother skin and more youthful-looking features. 

What is gua sha?

"Gua means 'scrape' and sha means 'petechiae' (tiny, flat red, purple spots) in Chinese.  Gua sha began as a full body treatment—which most people probably haven't realised given that facial techniques have become so popular. The key point is to scrape the skin to invigorate blood flow and release heat toxins. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, activating various points of the body, and bringing helpful cells to the area by invigorating an immune response. Sometimes this action creates some discolouration on the skin, which can look dramatic. But rest assured, there is no pain and the petechiae usually goes away within days. 

How should I use a gua sha tool?
Be sure to rub the gua sha board in light, sweeping motions across your face in the directions shown in our diagram and experiment with light or deep pressure, as desired.

Begin the gua sha massage at the neck for optimal lymphatic drainage and gradually move upwards, but always keep the board angled at a 15-degree slope (almost flat against the skin). Lightly glide it up and down the skin using sweeping strokes. You should do this three to five times. Give yourself a spa-like facial at home by combining a few drops of our FULL BLOOM Concentrate and gua sha tool. 


Gua Sha Tutorial - Step by step 

Before you start your facial, make sure that you are holding the gua sha tool flat and connected to the skin with light to medium pressure. Also, remember to relax and take deep breaths with each movement. 

    1. Cleanse and tone - it's best to use your gua sha on clean skin, with clean hands. 

    2. Apply a generous amount of KELSEY  FULL BLOOM Concentrate to your face, neck and chest. 

    3. Glide your tool upwards from the centre of your chin to the earlobe for maximum results. 

    4. Move your tool up to the forehead and glide the tool outwards, repeat a few times on each side, covering the whole forehead boosting blood circulation. 

    5. Glide upwards along the brow bone, starting from the centre of your face.

    6. Start at the nose and sweep upwards along the cheekbones, towards your ears. This will relieve tension in the muscles of the face

    7. At the inner corner of your eye, apply light pressure and glide outwards towards the temples. 

    8. Section your neck into small areas and scrape each section from the bottom up, encouraging lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. 

    Keep your movements slow, and avoid any areas with filler or problem areas such as breakouts, open wounds, raised scars or irritated places. 

    Benefits of Using a Gua Sha Tool

    The benefits of gua sha have been much touted in recent years. Ostensibly loved by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson, and even used by Justin Bieber, this tool truly is loved by all thanks to its multitude of uses. Gua sha tools can be applied to the face or body for an effective anti-ageing facial, to potentially reduce acne, ease pain and muscle tension, and even lessen the appearance of cellulite. 

    Did you also know that there are other benefits of using the gua sha? These include;

    - Tones, firms and lifts sagging skin

    - Reduces inflammation, puffiness and dark circles

    - Brightens the complexion

    - Minimises fine lines and softens deep wrinkles

    - Diminishes blemishes and redness

    - Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

    Products We Recommend using and why?

    All of our concentrates amplify the benefits of practising gua sha facials, but a great pairing is the KELSEY  FULL BLOOM Concentrate. Its oil-like consistency allows the gua sha to glide along your skin like a serum, whilst our ingredients are absorbed leaving you with a smooth, sculpted and plump complexion. With activated oil being a core component of our products, this works harmoniously with the gua shua to penetrate deeper into the skin, providing even better results for you. The key ingredients are: 

    EZ Rubus ID® - our proprietary active [read more] helps optimise the delivery of omega oils to support collagen production. Skin is hydrated, resilient and smooth. 

    Pistacia Lentiscus tree oil - helps activate youth proteins within the skin structure, stimulating detoxification and repair, whilst boosting collagen synthesis.

    Squalane - delicate, lightweight plant oil that helps reinforce the barrier of the skin, supplying intensive nourishment and hydration without feeling heavy. Perfect for all skin types.

    Chia and pomegranate seed oils -  antioxidant-rich, full spectrum of omega oils help fortify the skin barrier, encouraging suppleness and glow to the complexion.

    Lupin seed oil - helps restore and helps stimulate collagen production, significantly improving skin tone, firmness and redefining facial contours.

    The frequency of use depends on skin type and tolerance to this method. Start off slowly, performing gua sha no more than two to three times per week, and slowly work your way up to morning and night for optimal results.

    Supercharge your morning routine with the power of FULL BLOOM Concentrate. Discover more about this product here


    ***** “I usually can only use a face oil at night as it tends to be too greasy for the day, however, this oil sinks right into my skin and doesn't leave it oily at all! My makeup sits so nicely on top and it also provides a beautiful glow. I would highly recommend it.”


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