What Is Slugging and Should You Try It?

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As the temperatures and the leaves fall, it’s time to discover the much-loved skin trend doing the rounds, again, on TikTok: Slugging.

Sounds unappealing, definitely isn’t. 

Akin to popping on your thermals, a jumper and then a scarf, Slugging is really another term for applying layers of product to seal in moisture and keep skin safe, reducing trans-epidermal water-loss and boosting the skin barrier whilst sleeping. 

Benefits include:

  • Enhancing the potency of products used underneath 
  • Locking in hydration for bouncy supple skin
  • Reduced sensitivity and redness

Typically, slugging involves applying an occlusive product over the face before bed, and petroleum jelly is often recommended for this. Downsides though? Well firstly, on its own petroleum jelly contains no moisturising properties of its own. Secondly, it can suffocate pores and leave bacteria trapped underneath, actually increasing the chance of dreaded break-outs. And finally, its an unsustainable resource, it's not eco-friendly, and won’t ever make the list of approved KELSEY ingredients.

Instead, here’s our magic 3 step night-time layering routine for glowing and plump morning skin to die for:

  1. After cleansing and drying skin, spread a few drops of water over the skin to leave it slightly damp, or use a hydrating essence. Press into the skin for maximum absorption.
  2. Immediately apply your chosen serum or concentrate, whether oil or water based, and allow to absorb for a few seconds.
  3. Seal in the goodness with a rich layer of Midnight Reset, our probiotic and fatty-acid rich night mask that is packed with skin resetting Lavender extract and activated Raspberry Seed Oil for maximum moisture.
Call it what you like – Slugging, Layering, Slathering – we call it the Dream Team of great skin.


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