Unwind and Renew: Your Essential Guide to an Evening Skincare Ritual

3 Minute Read

* * * * *  “My skin feels softer, evenly textured, fine lines are blurred and my skin glows”


* * * * * “Gosh, it's so lovely. My skin felt baby soft this morning and still does”


Sleeping Beauty wannabes, look no further. We’ve gone the extra mile to create a before bedtime routine that gives you glowing skin so soft, so supple and so radiant you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your morning face.

The reviews are in for our Midnight Reset Overnight Sleeping Balm, and they’re a definitive YES PLEASE to this glorious glow-giving hero.

Packed to the brim with fatty acids to boost collagen production, fermented probiotics for resilience and elasticity and our trademark EZ Rubus ID® activated bioavailable raspberry seed oil, it also contains an innovative lavender complex designed to reset the skin circadian rhythm overnight.

The result? A glorious good skin day that lasts as long as you do.

But before you dive in (and trust us, the luscious glossy texture and dreamy orange blossom scent mean you won’t be able to resist for long), don’t forget that a night cream is only as good as the canvas it’s applied to.

Hydrating products work best on skin that is freshly cleansed – removing all traces of surface dirt and dead skin cells that can form a barrier is key to ensure your moisture product penetrates as it should.

KELSEY Luminous Glow cleanser is a game-changer as it not only cleans skin thoroughly with no irritation due to high levels of gentle coconut based cleansing agents, it also packs a turnover-boosting punch due to fruit acids and raspberry infusion that help stimulate cellular turnover to reveal fresh skin that is more receptive to treatments.

And our insider secret to really ramp up your skincare game? Concentrate.

No, not an instruction, but the name for our hero skincare treatments that work as a second step between cleansing and before moisturising, delivering the ultimate nutrient-packed punch for a next-day all day good skin day. Choose from Three Moons Concentrate, our fruity vitamin C packed brightening marvel, or Full Bloom Concentrate, a fatty acid plumping goddess-skin favourite. Your perfect evening skincare routine companions on the journey to fresh as a daisy eight hour skin.

Nighttime may be time to dim the lights, but nothing will dull the sparkle of your radiant Kelsey Skin.